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Meet The Bosley Team
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Welcome to The Bosley Team – where Real Estate Solutions meet excitement and ambition! Rick Bosley, after a dynamic 8-year tenure managing a Keller Williams franchise, re-ignited his sales team in June 2019, and since then, we’ve been on a mission driven by passion, vision, and strong values.


The Bosley Team – Real Estate Solutions offers a combined 20 years of professional and market leading experience, offering clients best in class service and excellent results.


Founded in 2019 by Rick Bosley, The Bosley Team quickly solidified its position as one of the best real estate solutions providers in Central Florida—becoming part of the region’s top 5% REALTORS® after only a year.


Today, The Bosley Team has served over Over 100 families served in the past 3 years. In 2023, Rick was selected to host an Emmy nominated tv show,
The American Dream and helped other agents by being a certified real estate trainer and coach for Keller Williams, which counts for less than 1% of the Keller Williams population.


Our Mission


To build wealth for our customers, partners and employees in a growth-minded, customer-centric Real Estate solutions business.


Our Vision


To be the #1 choice for buyers, sellers, and professionals to work with to build wealth and protect their assets through buying, selling, or working in Real Estate.


Our Values and Beliefs


  • First Principle Thinking: We start from the core, embracing innovative and strategic approaches.
  • Family First: It’s not just business, it’s about the warmth and care of a family.
  • Win-Win Philosophy: Success for all is our recipe for thriving relationships.
  • Integrity to Do the Right Thing: We uphold the highest standards of doing what’s right.
  • Customer-centric: Your satisfaction fuels our drive and passion.
  • Commitment and Accountability in All Things: We hold ourselves responsible for delivering excellence.
  • Communication: Keeping you informed and engaged every step of the way.
  • Creativity to Take Market Share: Sky’s the limit as we innovate to conquer the market.
  • Teamwork: Every role matters – we’re a closely-knit, unstoppable team.


The Bosley Team thrives on a growth-minded philosophy and provides clients with the following services:


  • Representation in buying, selling, or investing in residential real estate with our expert guidance.
  • Consultations on the array of options and how to maximize the ROI on your home.
  • Connection with our network of trusted professionals in the Central Florida area, all vetted by The Bosley Team, to ensure that you are getting the best among the best.
  • Education and training opportunities with our in-house industry experts on a range of topics like home buying workshops and investment workshops as well as regular live shows featuring top professionals to inform you, the homeowner. Don’t miss out – register on our Events tab and subscribe to our Live show through the Social Media tab.
  • Business coaching and training to propel your Real Estate career.
  • Guidance and direction to kickstart an exciting Real Estate career.

Reach out to us today and The Bosley Team will be there for you!

The Bosley Team